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My Story: A Positive Spin Into 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Happy (belated) New Year!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to the blog. I had intentions to be back two weeks ago. But my body had other plans, and I suppose my body needed more rest.

As we come into the new year, I think it’s healthy to start evaluating how you are doing with your health and find positive, healthy and safe ways of taking care of yourself.

I think anyone with a chronic invisible illness such as Sjögren’s or Lupus automatically start thinking of diet and exercise. At least, I know that’s what my mind automatically goes to.

Don't get me wrong, diet and exercise are huge players when it comes to managing your health. But I think it’s important to find healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the pain when it comes. Weather that be during a flare up of a disease, or long term chronic pain.

There are many ways for dealing with pain and mindfulness is often a first line suggestion given by doctors and therapists alike.

But for me, I struggle with mindfulness on days when the pain persists and sometimes it just gets me into a dark hold of ‘I’m never going to get away from this pain, arg!’

So on those days, I like to find a distraction. One that takes little brain power but fills up my cup.

I recently read this article - 13 Hobbies That Help People Cope With Their Mental Health from The Mighty website and I wanted to share it with you.

While the article highlights hobbies that have helped individuals cope with mental health, I feel the sentiment is the same for all chronic illnesses. Which is finding healthy ways to cope.

Earlier this month I sat down and gave myself some homework. My therapist would be so proud!

I took time to reflect on 2020.

I know what you're thinking... 2020 was the worst year of my life! This statement is true for a lot of people.

COVID-19 ravaged throughout the globe and impacted every single human worldwide in one way or another.

Many people lost loved ones, got sick themselves, or had other life changing things happen like working from home or loosing their job.

Businesses were shut down, and food supply chains were drastically impacted.

Let's be honest, there is no shortage of horrible things to report on from 2020.

Which is why I gave myself this task. I didn't write down all of the negative things that came from 2020, instead I wrote down all the good things that came from 2020.

I put all these thoughts to paper and ended up making a beautiful poster for myself.

Something I can visit to remind me that even in the worst of times, and the worst of years, there are still small, unexpected, wonderful things that happen.

Here's a look at the poster I made:

That project is the first of many I will be working on this year.

As I am still at home on disability and unable to work, I plan on picking up new hobbies, new skills, a place that I cam visit to distract myself in a positive way when my body is having a hard time with my illnesses.

For me, I plan in bringing macramé into 2021. I started this hobby last year, but didn't get too far, I still need to learn the ropes (pun intended).

I faced difficulties with my arms at times and I was physically unable to do it. When my body is ready, I have plans to keep moving forward and making some beautiful pieces.

I've also picked up watercolor painting, and I am currently learning how to make water kefir. Stay tuned for updates on how these hobbies are helping me in a positive way.

Hobbies are a great distraction when you are in pain, but I also love them because for me they are a reminder that even though I am sick, I can still share my hobbies and make a positive impact on the world around me.

So, what about you?

Do you have a hobby that you use to help you cope during difficult times with your illness?

Weather it’s mental health or a rheumatic disease, I think having a hobby to turn to during difficult times can help lift your spirits.

I would love to hear (and see) some of your hobbies. be sure to send a comment below so we can connect.

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