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Sjögren’s Society of Canada's Shout Out for Sjögren’s!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I am so excited to share this news with you.

The Sjogren's Society of Canada just released their "See Me" wristbands as a fundraiser for the Shout Out For Sjogren's Campaign.

What is a "See Me" wristband? I'm glad you asked!

A "See Me" wrist band is a reflective wristband that you can wear day or night.

Because of the reflective properties of this wristband, you can see it in the dark, making it perfect for use in your evening run or walk.

This band will ensure other pedestrians and motor vehicles will see you while you are out and about in the evening. You can never be too careful, so I encourage you to add this band to your safety gear.

Why is the Sjogren's Society of Canada so excited about these bands?

The "See Me" bands and the Shout Out For Sjogren's Campaign is aimed at raising awareness about Sjogren's in your community.

We want to make sure every Sjogren's patient can be seen and heard in their community.

By wearing this band you are supporting and creating awareness for this debilitating and life changing disease.

We Sjogren's patients know how difficult it is to live with this disease.

What's great about these bands is anyone can wear them.

I encourage you to purchase a wristband and wear it proudly!

Sjogren's patients, support persons, family, friends and neighbors can now support Sjogren's patients through these wristbands.

If you are local to Calgary, you can contact me at, I have bands in stock and can save you money on shipping costs.

If you are not local to Calgary you can contact Lauren Vording, Managing Director at the Sjogren's Society of Canada at

Wristbands are priced at 1 for $7.50 or 2 for $10. Additional shipping charges apply.

If you are part of a Local Canadian Support Group, ask your support group leader if they are putting in a bulk order (it might save you shipping).

I should also mention that these wristbands make great stocking stuffers.

I would love to see you sporting the new wristband. Be sure to post a picture in my online support group.

Happy December, Stay Warm and Safe,

Heather 💜

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