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Heather's Autoimmune Disease Story

Heather has had a turbulent, yet not uncommon, experience with autoimmune diseases.

She had early juvenile Sjogren's symptoms which went un-recognized and un-diagnosed.
At age 20, her health started to decline, and she started looking for answers. She struggled to find a doctor who would take her seriously to her ever-growing list of symptoms. 

It took her 8 years before she finally saw a doctor who put the puzzle pieces together, and referred Heather to a rheumatologist. At the age of 28, Heather was diagnosed with Sjögren's disease and vasculitis. 
Heather has managed her health the best she can through medication and healthy lifestyle changes.

In 2017, Heather experienced a trauma that led her autoimmune disease into a downward spiral, a year later she was diagnosed with SLE Lupus. 

Heather unfortunately had to stop working due to her autoimmune diseases, and now spends her time giving back to these communities through various outlets including her children's book, social media advocacy and this website


How These Self Care Resources Can Help You

This site has transformed into a place to help readers figure out how to manage their illness. Topics include:

  • How to organize your medical binder, and prepare for doctors appointments

  • How to find meaning and purpose while living with an autoimmune disease and disability.

  • Find inspiration from other chronic illness patients (Spoonies)

You can read more about these topics on our blog.
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