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Books, Blogs and Other Resources

Below you will find a list of resources that have helped me along my Sjogren's Journey. 

The Sjogren's Syndrome Survival Guide (Teri P. Rumpf, Ph. D, Katherine Morland Hammitt)

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  • If you have been newly diagnosed with Sjogren's this is a must read book. It is written in simple format and helps to discuss medical information in layman terms. Not only will this book help to educate you, but it will provide coping skills on how to deal with the enormous hurdles one has with a complex illness such as Sjogren's. 

The Lupus Encyclopedia - A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families

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  • This book is the most comprehensive book I have read on Sjogren's. While the book is (obviously) stated as a Lupus book, there is a ton of information that is applicable to Sjogren's and the book outlines it as such. For example there is an entire chapter (Chapter 14) dedicated to explaining how the exocrine gland system is impacted by Sjogren's.

Sjogren's Strong - AKA Lupe and Brian

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  • If you are looking for a new podcast to learn more about Sjogren's, keep you active and health, look for further. Co-hosts Lupe and Brian share their experiences with Sjogren's and host guest speakers on the show. 

Sjogren's Syndrome Info - AKA Lee

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  • This is am amazing blog that I often reference when I am looking for answers. It was one the first blogs I happened to find when I went into my 2017 health crisis. Make sure you sign up for the newsletters on this web page. The owner, Lee, has a knack for research and brings forward tons of information on current studies and products that I am always eager to learn about. 

Sjogren's Life - AKA Janet Church

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  • I first learned about Janet's web page after she was hosted on the Sjogren's Strong podcast. Janet has Sjogren's, is working along side the Sjogren's Foundation is an advocate for Sjogren's patients. 

Dude with Sjogren's - AKA Randy Klein

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  • When Randy was diagnosed with Sjogren's he noticed a large amount of individuals seeking help were women.  As Sjogren's is a predominately female disease, but can impact all sexes, ages, and races. Randy started this blog to help voice his experience as a male with Sjogren's. He hopes his experince can help other males diagnosed with Sjogren's. 

Sjogren's Advocate - AKA Dr. Sarah Schafer

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  • Dr. Sarah Schafer started this site after experiencing her own journey to diagnosis with Sjogren's. She understood and identified how difficult it was to get a diagnosis and is using her knowledge and influence to help educate not only members of the public, but also the medical community. 

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