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I'm The Biggest Helper With Momma's Autoimmune Disease

This wonderful picture book for children and adults alike introduces the complex world of autoimmune diseases in a compassionate and easy to learn way.

To learn more about the book click the Learn More button below. 

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chronic illness patients
Rise Up!
Daily Tracker Journals

We've got tons of cute and helpful journals for individuals to track their symptoms and health. 
Lupus Journals
 Sjogren's Journals
Free Worksheet Preparing For Your Rheumatologist Appointment

This Free PDF Worksheet helps individuals get organized before their next appointment. 

This worksheet goes through the most commonly asked questions a medical team will have for you, along with a list of symptoms you can highlight and refer to. 

Snag your free PDF copy today. Click here!
Online Support Group for Sjogren's and Lupus Patients

If you are a Sjogren's or lupus patient and are looking for support, we have an online Facebook support group that is free to join. 
Printable Resources

We are feverishly working on developing more printable resources for the chronic illness community. 

You can visit our ETSY store to get printable resources delivered straight to your email inbox that you can print out and start using today. 

Worksheets Available: 
  • Daily Lupus Tracker Worksheet
  • Daily Sjogren's Tracker Worksheet
  • Complete Medical Binder Workbook
The Blog

Our website and blog are dedicated to:
  • Helping chronic illness patients organize their health records,
  • better manage their symptoms and
  • become educated and knowledgeable patients

Which allows them to become better self advocates with their health care team. 
We encourage you visit our website and blog to get resources today. 
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